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Art and Peggy Gish Were Interviewed by Amy Goodman in Athens Ohio

Klynn /All we were so happy that Amy Goodman listened to our call and had Art and Peggy Gish on Democracy Now which was broadcast from Woub at Ohio University this past Friday.

Amy was well aware of Art and Peggy’s work in both Iraq and Israel. You will hear how the Christian Peace Maker Team’s work was instrumental in getting the Abu Gharib photos and information out into the public.

During the fall of 2003 I was able to get Peggy Gish on the Diane Rehm show when Seymour Hersch was on as a guest. This was soon after one of her trips to Iraq in the fall of 2003. Seymour took Peggy’s number and contacted the Christian Peace Maker Team at that time. CPT’r records and reports that were collected during the summer and fall of 2003 that had to do with the torture at Abu Gharib were used by Seymour Hersh and others who got the word out.

Five Years After Helping to Expose Abu Ghraib Scandal, Christian Peacemaker Teams Continue Human Rights Work

Five years ago this month, in April of 2004, the first photographs from inside Abu Ghraib appeared in the US media. The photos showed Iraqi prisoners being tortured, abused and humiliated by US forces and private contractors. The initial reports of abuse came from Christian Peacemaker Teams in Iraq. We speak with Peggy Gish and Art Gish of the Christian Peacemaker Team. [includes rush transcript]

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