As Pam wrote, the original InterTubes video of the NOM auditions is down. However, Rachel Maddow’s take on the auditions is now up — and it includes what was put up on the InterTubes.

So, without any further comment — this is an interesting news segment from last night’s Rachel Maddow show (Update: The key section begins at the 2:07 minute mark into the video):

update: Btw, the part we want to watch now starts after the 2:00 minute mark — two minutes into the video. We had change out the shorter video of from YouTube to the full video from MSNBC because on the Intertubes, NOM keeps making content/copyright claims of the auditions footage. 😛

Rachel Maddow: We do not know how Human Rights Campaign got access to the audition tapes, but because they did we do know that pretending to be a straight person hurt by gay marriage, umm…is apparently very, VERY challenging.

And, just because I’m not commenting doesn’t mean you can’t. (You can pretty much guess what my comments would be just from the fact we found a way to get the audition videos back up, hee-hee!)



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Autumn Sandeen

Autumn Sandeen