Caroline Kennedy Can be My Ambassador Any Day

caroline-kennedy.thumbnail.jpgGawker has a really bitchy piece of tripe up castigating Caroline Kennedy for expressing some interest in becoming Ambassador to the Vatican. I’m including the link in the interest of transparency, not to encourage giving them clicks, only because it is so hateful.

Caroline Kennedy Demands More Embarrassing Attention
By Pareene, 3:10 PM on Fri Apr 10 2009, 1,576 views

What the hell is wrong with Caroline Kennedy? Didn’t she learn that she doesn’t really care for public scrutiny, one bit? Why did she want to be the ambassador to the Vatican?

There’s more, and it’s ugly.

Who is this mean-spirited "Pareene" to write such crap? Has Ms. Kennedy lost the right to even exist? Has she forever forfeited all right to any public life? I did not think she was qualified to become a senator from a standing start, but in no way, shape or form do I think that she is somehow unfit for any public role at all.

To the contrary, I think a woman with her good manners and ease with dealing with other high profile names would make a wonderful Ambassador.

And I think her star power would make the nation receiving her feel flattered.

As far as I’m concerned, Caroline Kennedy can be Ambassador representing my country any day.

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