Been thinking about tackling this topic for quite awhile now, as occasionally deliberately insulting remarks were made against Our Favorite Lesbian Blogstremist (TM) by people who knew they couldn’t match her valid discussion points and would desperately go for the low blow instead of engaging conversations intelligently.

Other times, however, different comments have been made by fellow Blenders that weren’t as well thought out as they could be.

No harm done, no penalty or foul- we are friends here. 🙂

But there was enough discussion in comments today that made me feel this would be a good time to finally go with this and weigh in encourage an open thread. 😉

Acceptance of one’s own self is a very personal journey- here’s mine.

More below…I’m fat. Not especially happy about it, but I am comfortable with myself. FINALLY.

A gazillion years ago, I was a very petite size 4- wiry, skinny and solid with perfectly toned muscles from living on a sailboat. My days included nonstop exercise in a hot, humid enviroment and most of my calories being derived from quick bites when we could take a break or at anchorage/dock.

As well as alot of heavy drinking, but that’s another story! 😉

While I have been fat for a decade now, it’s only been in the past 5 years that I have looked upon myself as really beautiful. And that makes me happy. 🙂

Did I lose weight? Nope- something far more dramatic and helluva lot quicker. I gave up on plucking the damned grey hairs that started to appear when I was 18, said “Oh WTF…”- and dyed my dark brown hair bleach blonde. I no longer look like anyone in my family (my dad HATES it)- and I love how pretty it makes me look. My family here loves it, too.

The past few years, I started finally to dress the way I WANTED to dress, instead of how I thought I should to conform. There’s been alot of experimenting to see what I like.

Some days I’m lazy and hang in my old pjs. But more often than not, I dress for me, even if it’s jeans matched with an amazing shirt or top with as much jewelry I can wear.  

Soon I will dig the bike out of the barn for my twice daily attempt to master a nearby hill, as well as walk the 3.5 miles to the nearest boat landing, enjoying the sounds of birds and the beauty around me. I will eat more fresh vegetables, because I grew them and love them.

And I will not give a rat’s fuzzy ass if I lose a pound or not. I’ll be doing all of these things FOR ME.

‘Cause I’m… big, blonde, and beautiful.

Whatever you may think of Latifah, I loved her performance in ‘Hairspray’ and connected to a degree with her character Motormouth Maybelle. What a surprise, huh? 😉

Bring on that pecan pie!

Pour some sugar

On it sugar

Don’t be shy.

Scoop me up

A mess of that

Chocolate swirl.

Don’t be stingy

I’m a growing girl

I offer

Big love

With no apology.

How can I deny the world

The most of me?

I am not afraid to throw my weight around

Pound by pound by pound

Because I’m

Big, blond & beautiful

Face the fact

It’s simply irrefutable!

No one wants a meal

That only offers the least

When girl, we’re up

The whole damn feast

Slice me off a piece of that

hog head cheese!

Take a look inside

My book of recipes

Now don’t you sniff around

For something fluffy and light.

We need a man who

Bring a man sized appetite!

I use a

Pinch of sugar

And a dash of spice!

I’ll let you lick the spoon

Because it tastes so nice!

We’ll keep in the oven

Till it’s good and hot

Keep on stirring

Till you hit the spot!

Because I’m

Big, blond, & beautiful

There is nothing ’bout us

that’s unsuitable

Why sit in the bleachers

Timid and afraid

When Edna

You look like the whole parade

They say that white has might

And thin is in

Well, that’s just bull

‘Cause ladies big is back

And as for black

It’s beautiful!

All shapes and sizes

Follow me!

Who wants a twig

When you can climb a whole tree?




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