Yo! I was all up in his grill and shit. Check it out!

Eric Odom, who is like the biggest teabagger in America, receives a request from RNC Chairman Michael Steele to speak at Teabagapalooza in Chicago and, just to show Steele who da man, Odom posts his reply online.

Eric is all:

As I mentioned on the phone the other day, I very much appreciate the fact that Chairman Steele is now finally starting to reach out to the true grassroots side of the free-market movement in America. Unfortunately, it appears that he has only just decided to reach out after realizing how big the movement has gotten and how much media is now involved.

That said, we’re still excited to know that Chairman Steele will be in Chicago and we hope, after knowing that he’ll be in the city, that he’ll stop by and mingle with the Americans who will be rallying on April 15th. This will also present a fantastic time for Chairman Steele to LISTEN to what we have to say and perhaps gather some thoughts on what the RNC needs to be doing moving forward.

With regards to stage time, we respectfully must inform Chairman Steel that RNC officials are welcome to participate in the rally itself, but we prefer to limit stage time to those who are not elected officials, both in Government as well as political parties. This is an opportunity for Americans to speak, and elected officials to listen, not the other way around.

I do hope that Chairman Steele will join us as a regular American in protest of Government spending and extreme taxation.

I look forward to hearing from you!

-Eric Odom

Because after April 15th the RNC Party will be merely a footnote in history and the American Teabagging Party will be ascendant, looking upward, mouths agape ready to receive the bounty that a grateful America will bestow upon them.

By the way, I don’t think that the Patriot Room is a parody site.

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