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Mega-Church Pastors, Joel & Victoria Osteen – “I Don’t Understand”

Joe & Victoria Osteen of Houston's “mega-church,” Lakewood Church, appeared on Larry King Live last night.  King asked them, “. . . why not make marriage a religious institution, and have the state bonding that the non-marriage state issue. So we can have two kinds of getting together.”

Joe kept responding, “I don't understand.”

Exactly.  He doesn't understand.  He doesn't take the time to actually learn that people that live in the same world as he, actually do exist outside his religious bubble and don't agree with him.  They believe in something else.“I know God's best is for a male and a female to have a marriage and raise their family,” says Joe.

He knows?  Really?  God came down to him and told him personally?  Because the God I believe in loves me as I am, because guess what?  He/She/The Higher Power made me this way.  So how does he reconcile this?  He doesn't.  He doesn't understand . . .

Wait.  You know, I bet you he does understand.  They BOTH understand.  They understand that they are one voice in many but are trying to enforce their “sanctified” view on the government.   And are losing.  And refuse to acknowledge that their religion won't be hampered in anyway.  Which pisses them off.  Because EVERYONE should believe as they do.

“I don't know if I'm 100 percent clear on it all,” says Joe.

Yeah, right.  That lame excuse isn't working on me.

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