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Franken-Coleman Update, 04/08/09: The Peeps Have Spoken

The Election Contest Court (which may be seen in its full Peeped-out form here) yesterday opened up the last ballots to be counted in the 2008 Minnesota Senate election, and guess what?  Al Franken increased his lead by 87 votes, from 225 to 312.  The court recessed soon after the counting was finished, but its final ruling is expected soon per The UpTake’s Twitter: "Email from courts says final ruling in #mncontest will not come any later than 6 PM, and will not be on a weekend."

Speaking of The UpTake:  They’ve done excellent work, and not just on the Senate recount.  Their volunteer staff was all over the place during the massive series of police raids before and during the Republican National Convention — raids that have so far resulted in a large number of dismissed cases and which will probably result in large amounts of payments to wrongly-arrested citizens.    They are looking to get some grant money, but they won’t know whether they’ll have it until later in the year — and they need a few grand right now in order to survive.   Donate if you can (if you can’t donate cash, they have a wish list of goodies they could use).

As for Norm Coleman, even some conservative voices are among the growing chorus urging him to give up his contest.  Chris Steller of the Minnesota Independent quotes Ramesh Ponnuru, of all people, as saying that Norm needs to "give up this fight"; Steller also cites the Albert Lea Tribune, which had endorsed Coleman for reelection in 2008, as urging Norm to "Throw in the Towel".

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