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Hypocritical Oaths

One of the more stunning moments of the Bush years came when the Lancet reported American medical officers had aided and abetted the torture of prisoners. As damaging as Abu Ghraib was, domestically the Bush Administration quickly blamed the grunts as truth was overcome by the fury of the election. But slowly, the truth continues to leak out.

Medical officers who oversaw interrogations of terrorism suspects in CIA secret prisons committed gross violations of medical ethics and in some cases essentially participated in torture, the International Committee of the Red Cross concluded in a confidential report that labeled the CIA program "inhuman."

Health personnel offered supervision and even assistance as suspected al-Qaeda operatives were beaten, deprived of food, exposed to temperature extremes and subjected to waterboarding, the relief agency said in the 2007 report, a copy of which was posted on a magazine Web site yesterday. The report quoted one medical official as telling a detainee: "I look after your body only because we need you for information."

As Digby noticed four and a half years ago when these reports started leaking out, this Country obsessed over the details of a Presidential moment of oral gratification, yet this debasement of the country is somehow off limits from widespread discussion in the public square. In fact, people are still determined to hide the truth.

The full report is here.

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