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At What Point Did Republicans Become the Party of Bed-Wetting Hysterics?

Looking around the wingnutosphere today, I can’t help but notice that it’s SUCH A SCARY TERRIFYING WORLD.

Obama’s taking our guns away!

James Delk and his namesake son say that they’ve bought more ammo and supplies not just because they fear what might become illegal under Obama, but because they fear what could happen in an unarmed, increasingly economically disparate society. “I stocked up on food a little bit,” says the elder James Delk. “I’ve got one bedroom I converted into a food pantry. If it keeps getting worse, and it seems like it is, people are going to start breaking into your home to get food. You need to try to protect your family.”

Obama’s disarming America!

“I cannot believe what I heard today,” Senator Inhofe said in a You Tube video posted from Afghanistan. “President Obama is disarming America. Never before has a president so ravaged the military at a time of war.

Obama’s a Stalinist!

While some of today’s comparisons between Obama and communist dictators may go over the top, the general direction of such thinking is not without merit: since they share a utopian goal of forced equality, it’s logical to expect that their methods may also converge at some point. To wit, recent actions from Obama reminded me of a ploy Stalin used on Western entrepreneurs, which in itself is an illustrative morality play contrasting the differences between socialism and capitalism.

Obama’s repealed the Declaration of Independence!

On April 2, 2009, the work of July 4, 1776 was nullified at the meeting of the G-20 in London. 

Obama’s going to let North Korea nuke Alaska!

Palin herself criticized proposed Obama administration cuts proposed to missile defense programs. “I am deeply concerned with North Korea’s development and testing program which has clear potential of impacting Alaska, a sovereign state of the United States, with a potentially nuclear armed warhead,” she said in the statement.

Obama’s going to crash the entire planet!

It’s not just embarassing to hear the so-called "leader of the free world" talking like a 14-year old who’s been up in his room listening to "Imagine" for too long. I fear this presidency has the makings of global tragedy.

Get a hold of yourselves, wingnuts. It’s only been three months and at this rate, you’re going to run out of crazy before the midterms.

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