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ReThink Afghanistan

I’m not angry at our military or our recruiters. I’m angry at the administration, I’m angry at a constitution I took an oath to protect against enemies foreign or domestic. Today I’m fighting enemies governed by greed and interest. As an American Veteran of both, Operation Enduring Freedom in Afghanistan and Operation Iraqi freedom in Iraq, my patriotism has been exploited to protect special interest under false pretenses. That false pretense is more evident today and felt by our troops overseas. The morale is very low, and the suicide rate is very high. Putting out movies that promote a false sense of a, “fight for freedom” ideology, isn’t the way to support our troops. Bringing our troops home is the best way to support them and our selves during an economic recession. These are just a few of the issues, there is a huge array of reasons why this war needs to end, or at the minimum, be rethought. I’m not against the war. I’m for congressional hearings on the current occupation and escalation in Afghanistan and Iraq.To see more go to: and

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