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Franken-Coleman Update: Behind Closed Doors

Norm Coleman spoke behind closed doors to a bunch of powerful Republicans in DC the other day. He didn’t say much about what, publicly.

Did he chat with them about the FBI probe of his Kazeminy connections — which is in the news yet again with talk that Norm was interviewed by the FBI recently?

Did Norm, he of the murky finances, hit them up for more money to pay for Operation Stonewall — namely, the fruitless effort to retake his old Senate seat, which has turned into an effort to delay seating Al Franken for as long as possible?

Did he tell them that he doesn’t have much chance at all of successfully appealing to the Federal courts for relief?

Did he beg them for a nice cushy wingnut-welfare job in exchange for crashing and burning his own political career in order to further Operation Stonewall?

Or did he simply discuss the talking points they all were to use when asked about this affair by the press?

Ah, Norm. I wonder if you’re wishing you’d never started down that long and twisty path that made you a Senator in the first place.

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Phoenix Woman