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alan_keyesOh the tyranny. Frankly, I would have been shocked if Keyes did not weigh in on the Iowa Supreme Court decision overturning the ban on gay marriage. Keyes is on a mission to demonstrate his sanity and superior intellect. Once again, he fails to affirm either.This event has seemingly distracted Keyes from his customary endeavors; manufacturing a controversy over President Obama's citizenship.

Alan Keyes is a professional presidential candidate. That is how he makes a living. Therefore, it is hard to know if he really believes his own BS or if he is just stirring the pot.

Keyes provides an incoherent rambling rant that goes on and on and on and on. Keyes was never known for his economy of expression.. Keyes makes a serious effort to make his writings as convoluted as possible. Behold crazy Alan:

The Iowa Court's opinion, like all such rulings, constitutes a judicial insurrection that assaults unalienable right in a fashion that threatens the existence of democratic self- government in the United States. (I have elsewhere made the arguments, based on American principles of justice, that support this conviction.) More immediately insurrectionary than the Court's opinion, however, is the notion that in and of itself it somehow establishes what is lawful in Iowa. This notion overturns the republican form of government required by the Constitution of the United States, substituting in its place a form of tyranny all the more dangerous because it is imposed by abusing the forms of legality.

His solution:

People who say this somehow overturns the rule of law are actually themselves cooperating in the overthrow of constitutional self-government. In Iowa this means that Iowans who oppose the Iowa Supreme Court's abusive judgment have the right and duty to bring maximum pressure to bear on their Governor and legislators to do what their oaths require in order to defend the laws and constitution of Iowa from this attack upon the people's right of self-government. They should demand that the Governor and all state and local officials refuse to implement the decision. They should demand that the legislature threaten and then act to impeach the usurping Judges. If their representatives fail to act accordingly, at the next opportunity they should be voted out of office. The people must speak and act until they get the attention of their representatives. If they fail to do so their inaction must be construed as acquiescence. Like their representatives, citizens of Iowa who support the natural family have a duty to perform. For the sake of right and liberty, all who are loyal to liberty should pray they will not fail in it.




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