Apparently the Devious and All Powerful Great Orange Satan is stirring up shit in a futile effort to stay ahead on the RedState I’m Kind Of A Big Deal onslaught. One might suggest that if RedState wasn’t being linked to and ridiculed  on an almost daily basis, they’d have numbers like Robert Stacy Which Is Totally A Guy’s Middle Name McCain.  Then again, McCain gives tips to other d-list bloggers on how get to A MILLION hits on your blog mostly centered around giving wingnuts something to masturbate to (Rule 5!)  besides dead brown people. This is, of course, an  old  tried and true rule of business that states: "Know your customer… but you probably don’t want to shake his hand."

Other than that, asking McCain how to launch a successful blog is like asking Jonah Goldberg to teach you how to dunk.

And I don’t mean a donut in a glass of YooHoo..



Yeah. Like I would tell you....