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Soo Lock on Inside Track for Funding: Skeptics Say Money Would be Better Spent Elsewhere

I remain much more concerned about the TWELVE TRILLION to the banks than the 787 billion for the remaining 99% of Americans. I thought, however, that this was excellent reporting from the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel:

"Soo Lock on inside track for funding: Skeptics say money would be better spent elsewhere"

President Barack Obama has made no secret he is prioritizing billions in stimulus funds for "shovel-ready" public works projects – jobs that can start almost immediately because their designs are set and they’ve cleared regulatory hurdles.

That’s good news for proponents of a $490?million boat lock about to be built in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, a monster-sized – and yes, shovel-ready – project that had been in search of a deep-pocketed patron since Congress authorized it nearly a quarter century ago.

It’s bad news for taxpayer watchdogs and environmentalists who question the wisdom of spending so much money essentially to duplicate an existing lock, especially when they say there are more pressing needs facing the pollution-ravaged Great Lakes.

"With all the need for Great Lakes restoration and the impact shipping is having on the Great Lakes, a half billion dollars for an extra lock is like a slap in the face," says Jennifer Nalbone of the conservation group Great Lakes United."[…]

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