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Ferris Boehner’s Day Off

So, the smart-alicky tan kid from Ohio thought that after six weeks of being forced to work on things like, you know, the recovery package and the budget, he needed to lighten things up. . . or god knows what would happen. . . people might actually use stimulus money to, well, stimulate things.

Unfortunately for the rest of us, Minority Leader Boehner’s sense of humor tends toward the towel-snapping, bullying, ass-holery that Toby detailed yesterday.

Of course, being bad at jokes would be secondary—tertiary, even—if Boehner worried less about being amusing and more about being productive. And when I say “productive,” I mean for the country, not just for the communications strategy of the Party of No.

But that would require leadership—a special and outwardly interested kind of leadership—and an ability to learn from past mistakes. But I don’t think the Man from Tan made it to class that day. . .

Boehner. . . Boehner. . . .

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Gregg Levine

Gregg Levine