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Trigger Warning: Horrendous Child Abuse Story Ahead

(And if this story wasn’t bad enough, there’s also Qscribe’s latest diary– honestly, we could crash the server listing all of these stories of adults abusing kids they are blood related to somedays…)

My thanks to Pollyanna for pointing out an unsupported assumption I made… 🙂

In light of the wonderful news in Iowa today, this story is especially heartbreaking, infuriating and cruel.

But sometimes Life is like that- and it shouldn’t be. All families should be loving, supportive, protective and nurturing towards their children.


From the San Francisco Chronicle:

Two San Pablo women were arrested Monday and charged Wednesday with multiple counts of felony child abuse after three children walked into a local bar last week asking for help, San Pablo police Lt. Mark Foisie said Thursday.

Faasese Fiu, 56, and Satu Diaz, 34, were arrested for the abuse, which allegedly took place at a home in the 2500 block of 22nd Street, according to Foisie.

The abuse was discovered at about 11:45 a.m. on March 26 when three siblings, a 13-year-old girl and two 11-year-old boys, walked into a bar two blocks away from the home and asked for help because of abuse at the home, Foisie said.

The children allegedly were fed only once a week, were forced to stand outside the home all day and late into the night, had to bathe with a garden hose, and would be beaten when they asked to go to the bathroom, Foisie said.

He said the children were not allowed to go to school or leave the home.

More on this story below.  Here is more complete coverage of the local ABC reporter Lilian Kim’s story, including mugshots and video of the interviews.

Kim was able to interview both the officer, Lt. Mark Foisie, and another aunt of the children, who did not want her identity to be revealed.

The unidentified aunt had this to say:

“They’re lying. Why would they do that to their grandmother and their auntie?” said another aunt who doesn’t want to be identified.

She says this is all a misunderstanding. The children moved into the home two years ago after being sent from Samoa by their father. And she says ever since, the siblings have constantly fought, which is how they got bruised up.

“They box each other the way they are,” said the aunt.

“So the grandmother or the aunt never hurt them?” asked ABC7 reporter Lilian Kim.

“No. They always told them, ‘You all need to stop. Quit it.’ We took care of them, yes my mom did. When they came here my mom took them shopping,” said the aunt.

Thank goodness the children are now in protective custody.

This from Lt. Foisie is heartbreaking and horrifying:

“They had injuries consistent with being forced to stand for hours upon hours outside. They were forced to bathe outside, and they were only fed once a week. They had to ask permission to use the bathroom and allegedly beaten for even asking,” said Lt. Mark Foisie, from the San Pablo Police Department.

“How could somebody do that to their children? But we’re in the business of dealing with these kinds of things; we are. And so we know we’re going to see it again,” said Lt. Foisie.

The kicker? There were other kids (first cousins) living there as well- who were NOT abused. If these allegations are true, this was a selective and deliberate series of abusive acts, carried out for years and covered up by others.

It would not surprise me to hear that others are eventually charged. This abuse did not “happen in a vaccuum”.

So go ahead, fundies and others who deny equal marriage rights, full adoption rights, and full family recognitions and protections for those of the LGBTQ community!

Tell anyone who will listen how “you care about the children”, how we all must “think of the children”, how allowing LGBTQ people to raise kids would ruin these kids and subject them to shocking abuse.

The truth is that you are blatently ignoring REAL STORIES OF CHILD ABUSE on a daily basis, in order to forward your own agenda of hatred and bigotry.

And that in my eyes and in the eyes of countless others, make you just as culpable of child abuse as these blood relatives.  

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