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So What Does The Acai Berry Taste Like?

Every now and then a new super food comes along. A new fruit or vegetable that is supposed to make you look younger, get rid of all the toxins in your body, and practically cure every known degenerative disease known to man. One of the newest trends to hit the nutrition world is the acai berry. This super berry is good for you and in answer to what does the acai berry taste like? It tastes amazing, not at all a health food that you have to choke back or hold your nose and cringe while you chew.

If you love chocolate then you will love the answer to what does the acai berry taste like. After the initial berry taste of the acai fruit you will detect a slight chocolate taste. However this is only if you have tasted fresh acai berries, and unless you live in Brazil or somewhere else near the Amazon you are unlike to answer what does the fresh acai berry taste like. You will most likely have access to freeze dried acai berry. So what does the acai berry taste like when it has been made into a powder? It tastes like raspberries, though some people compare the taste closer to that of pomegranates. There is a slight acidity in the acai berry that makes for this comparison.  

The pleasant taste of the acai berry has led to it becoming a popular ingredient in smoothies and juices at most juice bars. You might notice that any place selling drinks with the acai berry as an ingredient will charge a pretty high price for the beverage. This is due to the fact that it is hard to transport the acai berry pulp from its native land. If you are curious and want to answer for yourself what does the acai berry taste like for yourself then there are powdered versions of the berries. These powders can come as pills or in concentrates form. If you are going for the pill version then you are obviously not going to be able to see what does the acai berry taste like.

It must be remembered that when you are shopping for supplements with acai berry in the list of ingredients you need to exercise some caution. While the supplements might taste great they may not have all the wonderful health properties that the acai berry has. So make sure that you choose carefully.

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