Emergency Phone Bank for Vermont!

The Vermont House just took it’s final vote on the marriage equality bill, passing it 94-52.  This is 6 votes shy of the 100 we need to override the governor’s veto.  

You can help make the veto override happen!  Scott Gortikov, Executive Director of MassEquality, tells how

The Vermont House voted with overwhelming support (95-52) last night to pass a marriage equality bill. Now, Governor Douglas is set to veto the bill.

It is critical that we do everything we can to override the Governor’s veto. We are just votes away from overriding the veto and securing marriage equality in Vermont.

Your help can make the difference.  How?

Join us for an emergency phonebank to Vermont. You can phone from home using our remote calling system or you can join us at our office in Boston.

To phone from home please call Samantha at (617) 878-2325 or email

To make calls from our Boston office Friday, Saturday, Sunday, or Monday: SIGN UP HERE.

With your help, Vermont can become the fourth state in the nation to recognize marriage equality!

Thank you,

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