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Michelle Bachman and Glenn Beck Discuss Nefarious Obamaoist/New World Order Plot to Eliminate US Currency

Photo via the Original Jeff MartinIf you’ve always wanted to know what it looks like when two crazy people get together and have a conversation on national television, here’s your opportunity.

BECK: Now, how is the legislation coming? Is Nancy Pelosi even going to put it up there?

BACHMANN: Well, we don’t have a hearing scheduled yet. But we didn’t have trouble getting co-signers. We’ve got at least 30 members of Congress onboard and I anticipate we will have more.

BECK: Hey, hang on just a second. I can’t believe that you’ve only got 30 cosponsors. I mean, how is it you can walk around and go — this is just "Hey, save the dollar." And only 30 people are saying, "Hey, that sounds like a good thing. Let’s give that a shot."

Actually, the fact that 30 wingnuts signed on to this dingbat’s stupid bill is nothing short of remarkable.

BECK: OK. And that’s, you know, the group of the 20 big countries that will get together and say, "Hey, look at us. We’re important. Let’s make decisions here." And then nobody really listens to them.

But this is critical because what they’re going to do at the G20 is they’re going to talk about new financial global institutions.

BACHMANN: Yes. That’s right.

BECK: They’re going to talk about new framework. How scary is this?

BACHMANN: Well, there’s no authority that has been given from the United States Congress to the president to create transnational global financial authorities. And that’s one concern that I had with my legislation, because we heard from Russia, China, South Africa, Brazil, India — we’ve heard from a number of different countries calling…

BECK: France, Germany…

BACHMANN: France — calling for this new expansion of the International Monetary Fund for moving the dollar as the standard of exchange. If that happens, again, the United States will lose its position as the premier financial authority.

Right, because crashing the global economy through fanatical Republican deregulation and lack of oversight and greed hasn’t hurt us a bit.

BACHMANN: Would you categorically renounce that the U.S. moving away from the dollar and going to a global currency as suggested this morning by China and also by Russia, Mr. Secretary?


BACHMANN: You categorically — and the Federal Reserve chair?


GEITHNER: We’re actually quite open to that suggestion, but you should think of it as rather an evolutionary building on the current architecture rather than moving into a global monetary union.


BECK: I mean, this is amazing. That was Congressman Michele Bachmann from Minnesota who’s with us. Congresswoman, it was a one-day spread between. You asked him first. The next day, he said that.

BACHMANN: It was less than 24 hours that we saw the complete contradiction. So the question is, which treasury secretary do we believe? The one in front of the committee or the one in front of the Council on Foreign Relations?

So—creating a currency for international exchanges means the good people in Houston will be forced to buy their pork rinds at Walmart with bright red bill emblazoned with a portrait of Mao.

Bartender, another.

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