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Tauscher Flak Jonathan Kaplan: April Fool

My excitable friend Jonathan Kaplan surfaces in the comments at Halfway to Concord, in a post entitled Tauscher to wed Bin Laden:

Tauscher’s PR Office says: on April 1st, 2009 9:01 am

Please call me, 202.225.1880.

The item on Ellen Tauscher is offensive, unacceptable and libelous. Worse, it’s not even funny. Please remove it at once.

Jonathan Kaplan
Communications Director

Name: Jonathan
Email: jonathan [dot] kaplan [at] mail [dot] house [dot] gov

Kaplan called the blogger, Bill Gram-Reefer, who runs a small right wing political blog in Tauscher’s district. "If this had been written about a Republican there would be outrage!" he shrieked.

Dude. Check your calendar. Breathe.

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