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Grayson Seeks to Restrict Bonuses; Sends Cavuto’s BP Through Roof

Representative Alan Grayson brought his first piece of legislation to the the House floor today, a set of rules designed to limit executive compensation for companies receiving TARP funds. That seems straightforward enough, but when Grayson went on FoxBiz to explain, the concept sent host Neil Cavuto into an apoplectic rage. It is really something to behold; Cavuto is downright rude to a sitting US representative. And over what? Protecting multimillion dollar bonus packages for executives that profited from cratering their companies, and our economy along with them.

Jane live-blogged the floor debate over this legislation earlier today, and, as outlandish as much of that was, Cavuto makes them look like the local bridge club.

Bankster owned New Dems succeeded in passing an amendment severely weakening Grayson’s bill. Voting on the watered-down version is currently in progress.

(hat tips to Elliott, laborite57, Beefheart Liberal, and cbl)

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Gregg Levine

Gregg Levine