30 Apr 2009

“The healthy man does not torture others – generally it is the tortured who turn into torturers” – C. Jung

Michael Goldfarbis possibly the dumbest man on the internets (non-Jonah Goldberg/Bob Owens/anyone at RedState division):

30 Apr 2009

From the AP: Source: Liberal-leaning Justice David Souter retiring from Supreme Court in June

I assume most FDL’ers already knew this, but I could not resist the chance to capture the AP’s framing.

30 Apr 2009

Thursday Night Basset Blogging

While the economy may be going south, the Official Veterinarians of Thursday Night Basset Blogging have been making out like bandits…

30 Apr 2009

Internalised Oppresion, Transphobia and Internalised Transphobia

I posted this originally in a heated thread on the subject that I myself started on a forum for Crossdressers (with a Transsexual community present there I should note) where a great proportion are married and many do not come out till after marriage and was asked to cross-post it outside

30 Apr 2009

Pre-Friday Random Ten

I’m way behind tonight. Let’s make it quick.

30 Apr 2009

Help Me Attend Netroots Nation

Hey everyone, I'm trying to attend Netroots Nation this year and I'd like your help — just a few clicks — to get there. For those who don't know me, my work is extensive in Massachusetts, be it on my blog, my podcast, or through my grassroots activism — I

30 Apr 2009

Late Night: BREAKING — Red State Blogger Outs Self as Biologically Programmed Frightening Sex Maniac

Warner Todd Huston, of Red State and other online wingnut petting zoos, makes a tearful confession: he is a Sex Maniac whose “animal passion” is only barely “tempered by society.” And good for Society, or he’d be whipping his dick out at church, on the bus, walking the dog, etc.