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Washington Times Sees “Dramatic Victory” for Limbaugh over Obama

Take that, moonbats!

The numbers are in — Rush Limbaugh has won a dramatic victory over the Democrats.

So that must mean Obama’s numbers are in the toilet now, right?


Doh! So that must mean that the Republicans are more popular than ever now, right?


Doh! So it must mean Rush is like way more popular than The One and the Democrats, right?

The slippage in President Obama’s approval ratings since the big fight with Limbaugh is minor compared to depths being experienced by Republican political leaders. And public opinion polls show Limbaugh’s favorable ratings between 19 percent in a March CBS poll and 27 percent in a March Newsweek poll. His audience may have increased but Limbaugh’s standing with the public remains far below ratings for President Obama.

But there is one group of political judges that scored the big fight for Limbaugh – Republicans.

The Gallup Poll reports that since his inauguration the president’s approval rating with Republicans has dropped from 41 percent to 26 percent.

The President is still winning the approval of 91 percent of Democrats and 59 percent of Independent voters.


So the drug-addicted draft-dodging sex tourist’s big victory = peeling off 15% of the people who voted against the President in November.

Very dramatic!

Thanks for the laugh, Moonie Times.

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