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Bushworld Follies — a legacy of lame

Following the example of his father putting a guy with a real talent for sex harassment in charge of the EEOC, George W. Bush put his own stamp on how the EEOC should operate:

The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission…has itself willfully violated the Fair Labor Standards Act on a nationwide basis with its own employees, an arbitrator has ruled.

The agency’s practice of offering compensatory time off to its employees rather than overtime pay amounted to "forced volunteering" and was a knowing violation of the law, according to the ruling.

All growing out of a policy put in place early in the Bush II: Electric You be Screwed Administration.

"With rare exception in this record, the concept of ‘requesting’ compensatory time was a fiction," Wolf wrote. Employees were pressured to work extra hours but not offered extra pay, according to the arbitrator.

All part of the lovely world created by Republicans — violating the laws — while…

The EEOC received more than 95,400 charges of job bias in the private sector in fiscal 2008, up 15.2 percent from 2007 and 26 percent from 2006.

…the laws get violated.

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