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Update 03-30-09 Re Sen. Vitter’s Missing Law License

Crossposted at The Grievance Project.

1. Still no information regarding Senator Vitter’s membership in the LSBA :

Louisiana Attorney Disciplinary Board Supreme Court Cases :

  • Louisiana Supreme Court Opinions: No opinion regarding Vitter, David.
  • Louisiana Supreme Court Opinions (Before 2000): No opinion regarding Vitter, David.
  • Disciplinary Board Recommendations: No recommendation regarding Vitter, David.
  • Reports of the Hearing Committees: No reports regarding Vitter, David.

Who’s Who in ADR 2008: No listing for David Vitter.

  • State of License: LA
    Last Name: vitter
    Results sorted by: Attorney Last Name
    No Results Found

FindLaw Search by Name:

2. Today, I sent the following webmail request to Maryja Serigny, the Member Records Secretary of the Louisiana State Bar Association, with a copy to Senator David Vitter:

Maryja Serigny
Member Records Secretary
Louisiana State Bar Association.

Ms. Serigny,

Although David B. Vitter received his juris doctorate from Tulane University Law School, was admitted to the Louisiana State Bar Association, practiced law in Louisiana and was an adjunct professor of law at Tulane, he is not listed in the Louisiana State Bar Association Membership Directory Active Member Search, or anywhere else as currently being licensed to practice law in Louisiana or any other state. It appears that Mr. Vitter is no longer admitted to practice law in Louisiana but I have been unable to confirm whether Mr. Vitter has ever been admitted to the LSBA and, if so, why he is no longer listed as an active member of the LSBA. Your response to the following questions would help clarify this matter:

  1. Is there an online search available for inactive members of the LSBA? Is, so, please respond with a link.
  2. Has Mr. Vitter ever been admitted to the LSBA?
  3. Is Mr. Vitter currently admitted to the LSBA and, if so, what is his date of admission and current status?
  4. Is Mr. Vitter an inactive member of the LSBA? If so, when did he become inactive?
  5. If Mr. Vitter was previously admitted but resigned from the LSBA, was it in lieu of discipline or were any disciplinary hearings threatened or pending at the time of his resignation? If so, what was he accused of doing that was a violation of the Louisiana Rules of Professional Conduct?
  6. If Mr. Vitter was previously admitted but had his license revoked by the LSBA, please describe his conduct that violated the Louisiana Rules of Professional Conduct .

Thank you for attention to this matter.

E.M./The Grievance Project

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