The Peter is Jacking Off, CWA freaking out.

  First to CWA. Did you know that April 15 is Same-Sex Kiss Day.  I didn’t, but as I visit the nutjobs websites, I found out.  Now the Concerned women have done a total spin saying Starbucks coffee is behind this,

Same-Sex Kiss Day Held at Starbucks Nationwide     3/27/2009

By Demi Bardsley

“Show up at a Starbucks on Tax Day at 7:15 AM, 12:15 PM, 5:15 PM, or 8:15 PM , buy a cuppa joe, then share a kiss with your sweetie, or a friend, or even a long-time crush! RAWR!”

But further down in the article, they admit this isn’t a Starbucks promotion, but from the beginning they sure to paint the picture they are.

They are also begining the Day of Silence stuff again. Same Shit, Different Year.

 The Peter is after the jump,

   He has his undie all in a twist over how much Joe Solmonese of HRC earns a year.

I was stunned – as someone who gets chided by “queer” activists all the time for working professionally in the pro-family movement – at some of the huge homosexual CEO salaries.  Here are just a few of the top “gay” salaries:

 He so wants to be the top dog of the Hate groups and earn the big money.  Oh Peter just can figure out how to strike it big.  Peter, ask Daddy Dobson for a high paying gig.  Maybe he will even pay for all your research.

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