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Really Good Clip from CNBC – Seriously

If you are interested in the Goldman/AIG bailout, don’t be put off by the title of the clip, "Dow Makes Gains",

I had missed this when it first ran on Thurs. Mar. 26. Most of it is about the Goldman/AIG bailout, although there is a brief spot in the middle, where the reporter needs to break away for some news about Google; but after that, they continue the conversation about Goldman.

I was heartened that there are Wall Street types who are also outraged by this. (Hope springs eternal! 🙂 )

The reporter, Dylan Rattigan, says he’s going to keep following the story. He abruptly quit CNBC the following day, though there ate rumors that he is going to ABC. Let’s hope he stays on the story; and that Andrew Cuomo provides him with lots of leaks!

The New York state law that Cuomo is pursuing this under is called the Martin act. It’s what Cuomo used to go after the Merrill and AIG bonus information. Folks that are targets of investigations under that law often complain that it allows the NY Attorney General to go on "fishing expeditions". Let’s hope they’re right about that. It will be interesting (and, no doubt, infuriating) to see what the Feds do to get in Cuomo’s way.

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