Well, it’s official: Arlen Specter has no chance.  Unmoved by Specter’s reversal on EFCA, his right-wing opponent has unleashed The Most Ultimatest Weapon:

It turns out that his main conservative primary challenger, Club for Growth president Pat Toomey, is going to get the ultimate in blessings from the right: He’s campaigning alongside Joe the Plumber!

As I reported yesterday, Mr. Plumber has been enlisted to campaign at rallies in Pennylvania against the Employee Free Choice Act. It turns out that Toomey is now going to join Mr. Plumber, according to a little note on one of the Web sites of the event’s organizer, the anti-EFCA group Americans for Prosperity.

"Mr. Plumber" is a double-edged sword for Toomey.  Yes, Republicans, especially wingnutty Pat Toomey Republicans, just love Not-Joe The Not-Plumber, and he loves them right back (perhaps a little too much).  But everyone else in the country – including actual plumbers – thinks he’s a moronic blowhard and wants his fifteen minutes over fourteen minutes ago.

My dream scenario is that Specter doesn’t see the handwriting on the wall, sticks with the GOP, and gets canned in the primary by all of Mr. Plumber’s friends.  Flush with success, Toomey makes the classic mistake of confusing "Republican voters" with "all voters" and keeps NJTNP around through the general election to annoy all the independents.  Maybe he even brings in the other Superstar, Sarah Palin, to really alienate the non-crazy vote.

All we have to do is choose a Democratic candidate strong enough to take advantage, and progressive enough to be an improvement.  How hard could it be?