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NY-20: Siena Poll Shows Tedisco Four Points Behind

In a poll taken before the Obama endorsement ad was released in the district, the leader of the Assembly Republican Conference isn’t doing very well:

ALBANY, N.Y. – A new poll shows Democrat Scott Murphy has taken the lead over Republican Jim Tedisco in the closely watched race for Congress in eastern New York‘s 20th District.

The Siena College survey gives Murphy a lead of 4 percentage points in a poll with a margin of error just more than 3 points.

The poll released Friday found Murphy, a venture capital manager, with support from 47 percent of voters. Tedisco, a veteran of 20 years in the state Assembly, had 43 percent.

Needless to say, a Republican running behind in a district with a 70,000+ Republican registration advantage isn’t very good news for the people who are trying to nationalize the election as a referendum on Obama.

I think it would be nice to do well in that particular referendum, so below the fold, a few ways you can volunteer to help in the last few days before Tuesday’s election, both inside the district and nationally (and, as ever, any donations can go here)

Phonebanking from outside the district: sign up at

Rensselaer County GOTV – call 518-273-2797 to volunteer for phone banking and door-to-door

Citizen Action NY – email to volunteer for door to door and phone banking in Albany and Clifton Park

Phonebank in Kingston or Red Hook (remember to bring your cell phone and your charger)

For Kingston Phonebank, RSVP to Kevin at

For Redhook Phone bank, RSVP to Amee at

Phonebank at the MLK Center in Beacon (remember to bring your cell phone and your charger)
RSVP to John at

Canvassing in Dutchess County
RSVP to Kevin Lawler at

Canvassing in Greene County
RSVP to Mike Coyne at

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