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Evacuations are beginning in Fargo and Moorhead. It’s neighborhoods, now, and nursing homes, and even the city’s larger hospital complex. People have a city to save, so those at-risk are moving –and being moved–now.

The river is rising, uncharted territory now. Over 40 feet and possibly going as high as 43 feet.

The students of the communities are being sorely tested and responding heroically. Residents on the river’s edge and neighbors, too. And new friends from hundreds of miles away….

Heroic, too, are the city leaders, Mayor Denny Walaker, Deputy Mayor and self-described parttime surgeon Tim Mahoney and their city staff. They are our leaders, they are our neighbors, they are our friends. They are making decisions that may cost them their own home.

The reporters on local media [,] report with dispatch CodeRed alerts of their own neighborhoods.

This is a war zone. The war on water.

The scoundrels are few [don’t get me started on the ND Chamber of Commerce smear’n’fear ad campaign against Employee Free Choice wallboarded amid the announcements and news flying thick and fast on the radio this morning].

Four blocks away, a mandatory evacuation near our own neighborhood.

This is our home. This is our heritage.

And we are determined this is our legacy.

The city will win this war.
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