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Elephants on Parade

It’s Friday night, so pour yourself a drink, put on those rose-colored glasses, and enjoy a little “lite” entertainment courtesy of America’s minority party. . . .

Republican “strategist” KT McFarland:

The Republican Party is a big tent—it can have Rush Limbaugh, it can have Michael Steele, it can have all those people.

Steele and Limbaugh? Metaphorically, um, not much of a spectrum, but literally? If I can paraphrase Roy Scheider, “They’re gonna need a bigger tent.”

McFarland continues:

If the Republican Party can find its voice and criticize the runaway spending, which is basically like curing alcoholism by becoming heroin addicts. . .

. . . or like trying to cure an OxyContin habit by frequenting underage prostitutes. . . . (h/t twolf1)

You think I’m bad? Here’s Matt Taibbi on Representative Insurgent Michele Bachmann:

Thankyouverymuch. Enjoy the weekend, everyone!

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Gregg Levine

Gregg Levine