Sure does look that way.

This has been a shocking story from the beginning.

First it appeared that this young man, Scott A. Libby of Raymond, ME, died as the result of a horrific  accident:

February 20, 2009 9:14 AM

BETHEL, Maine (AP) – Officials are investigating a fatal accident in western Maine in which a freight train crashed into a car that was parked on the tracks.

Ed Foley of the St. Lawrence & Atlantic Railroad said the westbound train came upon a car that was parked on the tracks at least 200 feet away from the nearest road in Bethel at about 2:35 a.m. Friday.

Bethel Police Chief Alan Carr identified the victim as 25-year-old Scott Libby of Raymond. He said Libby apparently turned onto the tracks and then turned off his lights.

Carr said the train was traveling the posted speed of 25 mph and hit the car with all its force from behind.

But little by little, more details have been emerging. What’s now being revealed shows a far too familiar story of robbery after alledgedly sexual advancements were made, but with a few twists.

More below the fold.Within days of the “accident”, word came out that a man named Agostino Samson had gotten into an altercation with Libby at a hostel near the train tracks.

The manager of the hostel where Samson was staying said the two men got in a fight there the night Libby was found dead.

State police Detective Lt. Brian McDonough, head of the criminal investigation division out of the Gray barracks, said Libby, 25, was killed elsewhere before the vehicle was placed on the tracks and hit by a train.

He said Samson was living at the Bethel Hostel at 646 West Bethel Road at the time of the killing. The hostel is less than a mile from where police found Libby’s compact Chevrolet Cobalt shortly before 3 a.m. Feb. 20. It had been hit from behind by a westbound freight train. Inside the car, rescuers found Libby’s body on the front seat, Bethel police Chief Alan Carr said.

Libby’s injuries made police suspicious about how he died, McDonough said.

Two days after the incident, state police detectives interviewed Samson for about two and a half hours at the Bethel Hostel, manager Wyling Cambrium told the Bethel Citizen.

Libby visited Samson at the hostel to collect a loan and return Samson’s collateral and that transaction was apparently friendly, Cambrium said last week.

“He gave him the money and got back his collateral, which was a watch and a bracelet,” Cambrium said. But then there was a disagreement.

Cambrium described Samson’s version of subsequent events:

“So he said he hit (Libby) a couple of times in the head,” Cambrium said. “At that point, things get vague. According to (Samson) the guy left; he was only here a short time. He doesn’t know whether there was somebody else out in the car or not, but then the guy gets hit by a train.

Samson was later evicted from the hostel.

In 2007, Samson was convicted of the sale and use of drug paraphernalia and fined $300, but he has no criminal convictions, according to state records.

Samson was later charged with Libby’s murder:

BETHEL (NEWS CENTER) — Wednesday, Maine State Police arrested 23-year-old Agostino Samson of Bethel and Windham. He has been charged with murder in connection with the death of 25-year-old Scott Libby of Raymond.

The medical examiners office determined the cause of death to be multiple traumatic injuries of the neck and head. They determined the manner of death was homicide.

Then today comes this, from the Lewiston Sun Journal:

PARIS – A man found dead in his car on railroad tracks in Bethel last month may have been beaten with a cast-iron pan and strangled with a belt before a train hit his vehicle, according to a police affidavit.

Police believe Scott A. Libby, 25, of Raymond was beaten and strangled to death after making sexual advances to a former employee.

Libby’s body was found sprawled across the front seat of his 2007 Chevrolet Cobalt after it was hit by a slow-moving train on Feb. 20, police said.

The car was covered with blood inside and out and the bloodstained handle of a cast-iron pan was found in it, police said.

Libby and Samson had known each other for about seven years, and Samson had worked last summer for Libby, who had a landscaping business in Raymond.

Libby met Samson at the Bethel Hostel late on Feb. 19 to collect $400 he had loaned Samson more than a year ago and to return a watch and silver bracelet held as collateral, Maine State Police Detective Herbert Leighton wrote in an affidavit filed in Oxford County Superior Court.

Although Samson initially told police that the transfer of money and jewelry had been completed without incident, he later said Libby “made sexual advances toward him, placing his hand onto/in the area of his groin,” Leighton wrote.

“Agostino said he punched Libby in the face two times, causing Libby’s nose to bleed,” but Libby still persisted in his sexual advances and offered to pay him money.”

The detective noted that the autopsy showed no injuries to Libby’s nose.

Dr. Marguerite Dewitt, deputy chief medical examiner for the state, said Libby died of “asphyxia due to strangulation and blunt-force trauma to the head.”

The blood on the pan handle matched Libby’s, according to the detective, and the handle was consistent with two pans that were recently missing from the hostel, the affidavit said.

A woven leather belt that appeared to be damaged was seized from Samson’s room at the hostel, Leighton said. Red-brown stained business cards belonging to Libby and “several apparent bloodstain patterns” were found about a quarter-mile south of the hostel on Westwood Road, a private way that abuts the hostel.

Leighton also noted that when Libby’s body was found, his pants pockets were turned inside out and there was no money on him.

Police photographed contusions on Samson’s hands, which Samson said he received after a box fell on his hand at work; he later said the injuries were a result of punching a refrigerator at work.

But this next part is a new and revolting level of low- as an ally (and parent), this turns my stomach.

According to the affidavit, Samson called Libby’s mother, Nancy, of Raymond on Feb. 20 to say he had heard about Libby’s death from his sister.

Nancy Libby told police Samson “appeared to be crying quite hard on the telephone.”

Nancy Libby told police her son left their home late on Feb. 19 to meet someone named “AJ” and collect $400 he owed Libby. She said he was holding a watch and another piece of jewelry belonging to “AJ” as collateral on the loan.

To call the victim’s MOTHER, crying, as to throw off suspicions… GAH!

My heart goes out for Scott’s mom, family, friends and his coworkers, as Scott was also a bartender at the Paradise Cafe in Cambridge MA.

How nightmarishly horrible this must be for all of them.

EqualityMaine has emailed folks to say that they will be issuing a statement later on regarding Scott’s murder. I will update this post at that time.




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