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The politics of wetting one’s pants

Oh, behold the self-reverent, self-proclaimed, brave ones in today’s Washington Post:

Beyond the chessboard of the Senate, nearly half of the U.S. electorate calls itself moderate, and more than half of the rest identify themselves as conservative. That means Democrats could capture every liberal vote and half of the moderates and still lose at the polls. Many independents voted for President Obama and the contours of his change agenda, but they will not rubber-stamp it. They are wary of ideological solutions and are overwhelmingly pragmatic. Many of them live in our states and in the states of the other senators who have joined our group.

Evan Bayh, Blanche Lincoln, and Tom Carper — we strongly believe in the loaded drivel of bullshit polls and empty platitudes!

Behold us villagers, worship us, and make sure there’s plenty of cream cheese in the Meet the Press green "blue" room.

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