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Put On Yer Depends Before Reading…

Wherein John Cole almost makes me lose all control during laughter:

If you are an insane crazy person, or Andy McCarthy (sorry to be redundant), and the election of not only a Democrat, but a socialist muslim black man who most likely isn’t even American (has Andy seen the birth certificate yet? Why not? What are you hiding, President Obama!) has you increasingly unhinged, you heard something completely different, and it involved infanticide, ACORN, and thuggish attempts to… call a radio station:

Obama does this a lot — instinctively, and in response to questions or comments directed to him that contain any hint of criticism. He has been so immune from media scrutiny, and his supporters have been so thuggish in shouting down critics (recall, for example, the efforts to stop Stanley Kurtz’s appearance on Milt Rosenberg’s radio show in Chicago), that a disturbing presumption has taken hold — at least in Obama’s own mind. Namely, questions that imply even mild dissent from or disfavor of Obama are not legitimate unless he personally decides they are within the ambit of proper inquiry. The questioner has to get over the legitimacy hurdle before he or she gets an answer — so better be careful about your topic and your tone.

This is of a piece with his ACORN days, when the community-organizer was not above resort to what those extortionists glibly call “direct action.” Obama can appear civil, gracious and, as he insists, “pragmatic,” but the prospect of intimidation is always in the air. This is not a pretty picture after only two months, and it doesn’t get better from here.

These people have really lost touch with reality.

"ACORN days?" Wasn’t that one of the Boxcar children’s series?

After yesterday’s K.Lo foray into Catholicism cuckoo-land, and Newt Gingrich’s sadly laughable grab at attention with his "I know I screwed two wives over while they were desperately ill, but he’s the immoral one…look over there, shiny object!" laugh lines, I thought nothing could get more absurd.

Touche, John Cole. Touche.

And then I read tbogg and lost it all over again. Oh…the horror.

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