Update: Jindal compares his last speech to Gitmo torture techniques.

WTF??? Is he channeling his inner Dick Cheney now? Torture is FUNNY?

These people are fucked in the head…

Oh- and he also gave permission for the GOP to criticize Obama.

Whew! Glad “Prince Bobby” got the permission slip signed by “King Rush”, huh?

Q of the day: who do you think is the GOP court jester? (I’m going with Sam Joe the Plumber, that horny lil devil…)


See for yourself. This is unreal.

But unlike last time’s fiasco, this time Bobby is gonna speak FIRST.

But sadly, it probably won’t be televised until after the President speaks.

WASHINGTON – Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal will again carry the Republican mantle opposite a primetime appearance from President Barack Obama on Tuesday.

Jindal, considered a potential GOP presidential candidate, is slated to headline a major congressional fundraiser that coincidentally fell on the same night as Obama’s planned news conference.

Jindal was widely panned for his televised response to Obama’s address to Congress last month. This time, he will speak to a live audience of Republican faithful in Washington. And his speech – scheduled well before Obama’s news conference – will likely begin before Obama’s evening remarks.

Talk about a flatline “learning curve”…So what do you think?

Is he gonna mention volcano monitoring again, after this week’s Mt Redoubt’s eruptions in Alaska?

Will he use visual aids, like sock puppets or a chalkboard?

Will he “phone a friend” and mention his pal Sarah Palin? Or even better, his mentor and GOP King Rush Limbaugh?

I guess “WWJD” now means “What Will Jindal Do?”




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