Now that Toobz Stevens is gone, I fear that there may be a bit of a coot vacuum in the Senate Republican caucus.  Sure, there’s no shortage of old white guys, but they’re just too smug and comfortable to fill Ted’s shoes as Senate Minority Coot.  All but one – the inimitable and possibly insane Jim Bunning.

In just one exciting week in February, Bunning predicted the death of a Supreme Court Justice, questioned Big Bad John’s comprehension of English, threatened to sue the NRSC if he got a primary challenger, and finally threatened to resign and let KY’s "Democrat governor" appoint Phil I. Busterbuster to replace him.

And now, like any good coot should, he’s yelling at Mitch to get off his lawn:

U.S. Sen. Jim Bunning accused Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell again today of trying to derail his fundraising efforts, this time by trying to raise money for his own campaign account just as Bunning is gearing up his own efforts for his race next year.


[M]y senior senator (McConnell) also sent out his first mailing for 2014. Just as I refrained from doing it for two years, he sent out his, so you know where he stands.”


McConnell is still trying to raise money to wipe out more than $2 million in debt he ran up during his 2008 race against Democrat Bruce Lunsford.

He also blamed the economy for his fundraising problems, which is pretty funny considering he’s one of the Republicans voting No every time Obama tries to do something about it.

I’ll be a little sad to see Bunning go down in flames next year – he’s almost as entertaining as Michael Steele.  Until then, I wonder if Mitch could smooth things over with Bunning by making Minority Coot an honorary leadership position.

(Video selection is the Daily Show’s great "Coot-Off" between Toobz and Robert Byrd.)