I’ve been trying for days to find a way to mark the sixth anniversary of our invasion of Iraq.  Six years – and while all reports are that conditions are improving, life for Iraqis remains so very harsh:

"Millions of civilians are still facing hardship every day," ICRC president Jakob Kellenberger said in a statement after a five-day visit to the country.

"Indiscriminate attacks continue to leave dozens of people killed or injured on a daily basis despite improvements in the security situation in many parts of Iraq."

With such basics as clean water,  stable food supplies and even minimal health care still a struggle, just imagine for a moment how exhausted Iraqi families must be.  Electricity  supply is only averaging 6-15 hours a day and unemployment is at 38%.  2.8 million Iraqis remain internally displaced, 2 million are refugees outside Iraq.

And while security is improving, an average of  7.5 Iraqi civilians die from violence each day and Al Aswat Iraq’s Security headlines remain full of IEDs, civilian shootings and continuing danger.

As Zamel, an Iraqi in his 60s whose “three sons were arrested in March 2003 and were still in jail, although he did not know why,” said on the anniversary:

"The Americans came to liberate us from a dictator but they have destroyed the country."

What more is there to say?



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