A couple of threads have shown up in the past few days on Ellen DeGeneres' community forums pages regarding the Uniting American Famillies Act:

Ellen Should Support Bi-National Gay Couples

Dear Ellen, Please Support and Rally for UAFA to Pass

Sign in, add your comments, and keep these discussions at the top of the list on her site.

Tootin' our own horn here, there are several groups that are working together to bring more attention to the Uniting American Families Act. They include:

Love Exiles
Marriage Equality USA
Immigration Equality

Join Out4Immigration's Yahoo Group to get more involved and to keep informed.

Also, check out the blog at change.org

Write your congressional rep and senator to ask them to support this, too! Find out if yours has already signed on – if they have, send them a note thanking them for their continued support!




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