From Andrew Malcolm’s It’s A White White White White World:

But right at the end in a largely-overlooked exchange with Jay, the president revealed that the dog he’d promised his daughters Sasha and Malia is in the works. Two out of three American homes have pets, an impressive 163 million dogs and cats, not counting turtles, hamsters, fish, et al. That’s more pets than Leno has classic cars and motorcycles put together.

During the presidential campaign one poll showed Republican Sen. John McCain with his menagerie of three dogs, one cat, two turtles, three parakeets and a ferret, leading the petless Obama among pet owners.

As The Ticket suggested then, just try to think of a president without a First Pet of some kind. These pampered animals even write books and get their own obituaries written when they pass on with headlines like: "Socks Clinton dies; Ex-First Cat known for sleeping was 20."

Strangely, on NBC the urban president, who got elected anyway but still has no First Dog to greet him at the White House (see to photo), at first said jokingly the dog was just a campaign promise.

Maybe it’s me, but I don’t believe that Malcolm was wondering what a dazzling urbanite like Obama was doing in a rustic setting like this. I think he’s just reflecting upon the fact that Barack Obama was able to transcend the belief among white people  that inner city black men are ho-slapping thugs who, when they’re not shooting each other, raise and train their pit bulls  to fight to the death.

Congratulations white people! You too, black president guy…



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