The Lehigh Valley, basically PA-15, has become more and more Democratic in its politics as the GOP has moved further and further in an extremist, right-wing direction. Obama took the district with a convincing 56-43% win over McCain. Blue America followers are already very familiar with Sam Bennett, the woman who ran against Charlie Dent last year. We last talked with Sam just two months ago and then last month spent some time blogging with her about the ruinous impact of still raging political misogyny. Over half the population in America–women–hold 18% of the seats in the House… and only 17% of the Senate.

We asked Sam to come back today to talk about her brand new job as president of the Woman’s Campaign Forum, a non-partisan organization dedicated to advancing the political participation and leadership of pro-choice women by providing the necessary encouragement, education and resources. They recruit and support women to run for office beginning in their earliest days in politics. They’re also building a national network of women voters, donors and activists whose efforts and venture capital ensure women’s voices are heard.


"My goal as new President will be to drive home the national importance of getting more women, more progressive, pro-choice women, in elected office. We must recognize how the U.S. trails behind all other industrialized democracies and tackle this problem head on. WCF has a great tradition of early investment in promising women and we will grow that– investing in women throughout the course of their political careers not just in the races they run. Dramatically building the pipeline will ensure more women get elected– work that will require high degrees of collaboration with partners like the Net Roots community."

Let’s join Sam in the comments section and learn more about what she plans to do with the organization.

Howie Klein

Howie Klein

Howie Klein spent much of his life wandering around the world living in places like Afghanistan, Nepal, Holland and Morocco. He moved backed to America when Richard Nixon resigned and promptly helped start the first punk rock radio show in the country and then a DIY punk rock record label. His adventures in the music business ended a couple of years ago when he retired as president of Reprise Records. He began blogging almost immediately, starting Down With Tyranny. Jane taught him html while he held one of her dogs at a party. He is a raw foodist, lives in L.A., swims and hikes every day, thinks Howard Dean could be a president as great as FDR and will never be completely happy until Bush and Cheney are behind bars.