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Come Saturday Morning: It’s Tool Time with Jake “Transparency” Tapper!

Jake “Transparency” Tapper

Jake “Transparency” Tapper

Hey, everybody!  Go rush out and get a Twitter account just so Jake “Transparency” Tapper can ban you from following him on his Twitter feed!  It’s the newest badge of honor among ethical journalists!

I kid thee not — as Washington Monthly’s Steve Benen notes, he banned Adam Serwer of TAP for tweaking him on his Drudge-feeding hypocrisy, then went on to banTPM’s David Kurtz for making fun of his thin-skinned pomposity.  Which is not surprising, really, as Tapper’s known for heavily moderating the comments section on his blog and censoring people who offer even the mildest of criticisms.

Now remember, this is the same Jake Tapper who snottily ragged on Robert Gibbs last month for an alleged lack of “transparency”.   Even better:  I was reminded, in the comments section of that WM post, about just how Jake Tapper got his big break. Check this out:

…But there are only a handful of people who live up to the sophomoric term “tool” quite the way ABC reporter Jake Tapper does. For starters: His big break was selling out the story of a date he had with Monica Lewinsky. He dated a Miss America contestant, once called a college-age reporter a “pussy” and, at the beginning of his career, reportedly handed a Salon reporter a wad of his chewed gum, telling her it would be “worth something someday.”…

Craftsman or Snap-On, that’s my only question.

Oh, and by the way:  Banning folks from following you on Twitter isn’t all that effective.   Just so you know.

UPDATE: Just got back from checking — per the insistence of frankly0 — and Kurtz has been unblocked. So has Serwer. But would they have been unblocked if they hadn’t been journalists with the ability to reach a few hundred thousand readers, and been able to raise a stink big enough to hit Tool Boy where he lived?

What about all the others — particularly the ones whose megaphones Tapper figures aren’t big enough to cause Tapper pain? People like this guy and this guy and this guy and this one.

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