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Nancy Pelosi

Dear Nancy your job is to uphold the Constitution and the laws of the United States and You are sworn to do so. No matter how much you injoy the cheep labor for you business it is your duty to inforce the law. Illegals who walk accross our border and invade this country are not citizens and don’t deserve any benefits or favor from this country. No matter how much they need work or want better for their families or are nice hard working people they still broke our law.

So you want to change the law? That law is their to protect this country from the very things you seen not to want to protect us from. People just walking in and taking over and recieving everything we worked for for free. You are slapping every natural born citizen every person who has came hear legally and worked to become citizens in the face. You are guilty of treason against this country because what you are saying you believe is far worse than the things treason falls on. You should be impeached or removed from your job.

We have for to long allowed our representative to work against our interests. Free trade the global economy corporate welfare and coddling of wall street has almost broken this country. The illeagals are not just taking jobs but sucking our treasure. People should let Dear Nancy know that what she thinks doesn’t matter but the law does.

I used to work for the Home depot and a crew used to come in and put grills together the were nice American guys. Yesterday I went to the home depot and a crew of mexicans was putting those grills together and grabbering in spanish while they did it. It always was a joke that they only do jobs Americans won’t do.

If you think for one minute that most of the construction jobs in the stimulus won’t be done by illeagals remember Katrina and who was hired to do most of the clean up. You can’t pass a construction project without noticing that most of the crew are not American. We are being fooled and used and drove to the poor house by congresses support for cheap labor. They don’t care where it comes from or who it hurts as long as the fat cats don’t have to pay people a good wage to do things.

The Congress and President Obama won’t admit that the jobs will favor illeagals but they will. The people are so infatuated in the stimulus that they can’t believe this will be true. There are by their figures 12 to twenty million of them in the country and they are creating only 3.5 million jobs so who will get most of those jobs. Use common sense and you will know the truth.

The American people will keep sitting on their hands while they are sold out again because they won’t even take the time to complain.

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