The Senate Judiciary Committee unanimously voted the bill out of committee this morning. The full Senate will take up the measure up on Monday and if it passes (highly likely) it will move on to the House for debate.  The Legislature has the votes to pass the bill, the only remaining question is will Republican Governor Jim Douglas pull out the veto pen?

From the Burlington Free Press: Douglas refused to say if he would veto a bill, but it seems clear he wouldn’t sign same-sex marriage legislation. “I think I have made my position quite clear,” he said. “Marriage is and ought to remain between a man and a woman.” The state’s civil union law, he added, affords gays and lesbians rights comparable to marriage and “ought to be sufficient.” He could choose to let the bill become law without his signature. He would say only, “I’m going to do what I think is right.”

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Most believe he will let the bill become law with out his signature, making Vermont the first state to pass a marriage bill without the prompting of a court.

For more visit Vermont Freedom to Marry.

Check out video of the public hearing from Wednesday night.


Jess Wilson

Jess Wilson


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