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Franken-Coleman Update: Weak Claims and Cash Flow

More little news bits as we wait for the Election Contest Court’s rulings:

MinnPost passes along Election Law Blog‘s Rick Hasen‘s verdict, as published at Slate, on Norm Coleman’s equal-protection claim: Namely, that it’s pretty weak. Well, duh. Longtime FDL commenter Sara, who was around when the case law behind the Minnesota recount was established back in the 1960s, could have told him that.

— During Vice President Joe Biden’s appearance at St. Cloud, Minnesota, for a Middle Class Task Force town hall meeting, he said that "no state should have just one senator". Hear, hear!

— The Federal Elections Commission has decided that the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee can set up a fund to benefit Al Franken in his recount fight with Norm Coleman. However, they haven’t yet determined if Franken can do so himself. Coleman is seeking the FEC’s permission to use his campaign cash to pay his own legal bills, including those from the Kazeminy lawsuits.

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