In an electrifying moment, President Obama stopped off at the Edison Electric Vehicle Technical Center in Pomona today on his way to a town hall meeting at Miguel Contreras Learning Center in Los Angeles. He got to look at the new Ford Escape plug-in SUV and joked

It’s always nice to get out of Washington a little bit — recharge your batteries

Next generation hybrid car batteries are made the plant. Obama pledged to that his administration will help put a million plug-in hybrids on the road by 2015 and offer $7,500 tax credits for people who buy them. He proposed funding that  includes a maximum $1.5 billion for US battery manufacturers, $500 million for component manufacturers, and $400 million for testing purposes. That’s some electrical stimulus–about $2.4 billion in federal grants for the development of plug-in hybrid vehicles.

Ford’s 2011 model year plug-in van, the Transit Connect, should be on sale in 2010.  Okay, but where does the electricity come from? Are we going to get wind generated electricity? Solar? Because isn’t like  using coal or nuclear power for hybrid car electricity sorta um…a bad idea?

Lisa Derrick

Lisa Derrick

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