"I think Geithner is doing an outstanding job," Obama said. "He is a smart guy. He is a calm and steady guy. I don’t think people fully appreciate the plate that was handed him."

Obama added Geithner’s carrying on "with grace and good humor. He understand that he’s on the hot seat."

Too many in Washington are trying to figure out who to blame for things _ when they should be focused on fixing them, Obama said."

So,Mr. President, where is your administrations proposal for legislation to prevent this from happening in the future? Where is your administration’s proposal that will be put forth at the upcoming G20 conference? Or are these things that aren’t part of transparency? Or are they documents which -if a FOIA request is made- that such is refused because of ‘what might happen’ if such documents were released?

But you are right in the sense that Geithner is getting all the heat while Bernanke is being ignored for the role the Fed is playing in this tragicomedy. BUT Geithner is NOT doing an ‘outstanding job’ ;Mr. President, you’re sounding like Bush supporting ‘Brownie’.

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