The former Senator Blo-And-Go

It’s Thursday, and we’re still waiting for the Election Contest Court’s rulings on the case, so here are some more news items to keep us occupied.

The Senate recount contest isn’t the only legal action Norm’s been involved in recently.  MinnPost’s Cynthia Dizikes reminds us that the Kazeminy lawsuits are still very much out there and lying in wait for the former Senator Coleman once he’s done burning through his donors’ money here in Saint Paul.  

Meanwhile, Joe Bodell over at the Minnesota Progressive Project is curious as to why Norm’s been spending so much time in the Election Contest Court — every single day, in fact — even as Al Franken has not.  Bearing in mind that Norm is a lawyer, though not a currently active one, Bodell puts forth the possibility that Norm might be appearing on his own behalf as some sort of consultant, and racking up fees for doing so.  This is just the sort of thing that Franken’s petition to have a losing Coleman pay for various expenses would uncover quite nicely.  It’s also the sort of thing that would irritate Norm’s donors nearly as much as his cavalier handling of their credit-card data.

Phoenix Woman

Phoenix Woman