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Anti-gay screed by local Texas GOP official proves that Republicans love teh gheys

The sad-sack Log Cabin Republicans are never going to learn that their political party of choice will never accept them.  Case in point:  a local GOP official in Dallas, Texas sent an unhinged and rambling response to the local LCRs after receiving an invitation to a debate they were prepping to host.  Protect your keyboards people.

The e-mail, obtained by Dallas Voice last week, was written in response to an invitation from Log Cabin Republicans of Dallas to attend the group’s monthly meeting. The invitation reportedly was distributed as part of new communication initiative within the party.

Rob Schlein, president of Log Cabin, said despite the offensive remarks, he feels the episode illustrates the progress the LGBT group is making locally.

The e-mail from Cylynda Caviness, president of the Grand Prairie Republican Club, was the only negative response Log Cabin received to its invitation, Schlein said. Meanwhile, representatives from other groups have criticized Caviness’ e-mail and commended Log Cabin for its response, sent out a few days later to the same recipients.

Hilarity ensues.

In the e-mail, Caviness indicated that the Grand Prairie Republican Club voted a few months ago to adhere to the core principles of the Republican Party and the founding fathers, including following the laws of nature and God.

“Among some of the issues that were brought up was the inclusion of the Log Cabins into our Republican Party,” Caviness wrote. “We believe to have ‘fellowship with the unfruitful works of darkness‘ for the sake of political expediency, or any other reason for that matter, is to offend a holy God, from whom the blessings bestowed upon this country flow.”

Caviness wrote that while “everyone should be treated with the same human decency that one would expect to be treated themselves,” the Texas Republican Party Platform strongly condemns homosexuality. She called the U.S. an “inherently Christian” nation whose government depends on “piety, religion and morality.”

For that reason, sir, the Grand Prairie Republican Club holds strong to our Christian heritage and will take no part in knowingly excepting [sic] or promoting any immorality (by attending or promoting your organization) that may hasten the death of the American Government …,” Caviness wrote.

And if that wasn’t enough, what was the LCR’s response to being called heathens?  “It proves the GOP is accepting us.”

“I think what Cylynda’s e-mail has shown is that there is a lot more support to include Republicans who are gay than what most people think,” Neerman said.  Erin Moore, president of Stonewall Democrats of Dallas, declined to comment directly on the e-mails, calling it an internal matter for the GOP. But Moore said despite Neerman’s widely publicized recent statements about Log Cabin, she’s not convinced the local Republican Party has changed.

And the sky is green and the grass is blue.  Sometimes I wonder if it’s nice living in the world these guys live in.

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