Update – LIVEBLOGGING: Marcy has begun a liveblog of the Capital Markets subcommittee over at emptywheel.

Over the last ten days, we’ve been asking you to help in our fight to demand a greater degree of transparency from our government when it comes to the money distributed to in an attempt to prop up a variety of troubled financial institutions.

Today, our very own Jane Hamsher delivered your letters, signatures, and comments to the House Committee on Financial Services Capital Markets Subcommittee hearings. Jane and the rest of us at Firedoglake are making your concerns known to the Representatives, and we hope to see some of those concerns reflected in today’s hearings on the AIG debacle.

We will have a bunch of coverage on the hearings and their fallout today, including a live blog by Marcy coming up shortly.

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 (and that’s just today!)

Gregg Levine

Gregg Levine