“Let them eat shit!”

Someone fetch my whalebone corset and powdered wig, for there’s a revolution brewing. Citizens of the realm have swarmed on AIG Castle!

Holding forth on the airwaves yesterday, the Oxycontin King, who had heretofore presented himself as a "man of the people" to better enrich his coffers, dismissed the public’s boiling anger at the taxpayer-owned AIG with a disdainful wave of his manicured hand, sneering:

"A lynch mob is expanding: the peasants with their pitchforks surrounding the corporate headquarters of AIG, demanding heads. Death threats are pouring in." 

Call out the Brute Squad! King Rush will not tolerate such insolence from the little people.  After all,

Without the super wealthy in New York, it’s over. … This — it’s just a populist ruse. It’s just designed to people go, ‘Yeah, yeah!’ "

Properly agitated, the courtiers loyal to the Viscount of Viagra clamored around his throne, hurling charges of McCarthyism and decrying the inexplicable impudence of the American rabble.

In the wake of Rush Limbaugh’s defense of American International Group (AIG) on his March 16 and March 17 broadcasts, several conservative media figures — including Fox News hosts Sean Hannity and Glenn Beck and Fox News contributor and syndicated columnist Michelle Malkinhave joined him in condemning criticism of the company’s employee retention bonuses

While the King could take comfort in the support of those kissing his buckled shoes, he found himself at odds with the cunning government ministers in his court who share the people’s disgust:

GOP Congressional leaders have roundly condemned AIG and its executives, as part of a strategy to position themselves as heroic defenders of the taxpayers and to paint the Obama administration as weak and ineffectual. Mitch McConnell recently blasted AIG’s bonuses as an “outrage.” John Boehner said that the “American people are rightly outraged.” And Eric Cantor bemoaned the “stunning lack of accountability” on AIG’s part.  

Oh, villainous contradictions! This cannot bode well for the continuation of the Reign of Rush . . . though I now foresee wider potential in the pitchfork market, mayhap.



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